Insight Yoga | Earth DVD

Insight Yoga | Earth DVD

Insight Yoga - Earth DVD

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“Powers blends the best elements of yoga, Buddhism, and traditional Chinese medicine in Insight Yoga: Heaven and Earth.”
— Yoga Journal

Balancing Yin Energy: The emphasis in the Insight Yoga | Earth DVD is on enhancing the vitality in the Hara while encouraging strength and stability in our legs and abdomen—the ‘earth’ areas of the body.

  • Practice Overview (9 min): A short presentation on the principles of Insight Yoga with further details about each practice on this DVD.
  • Practice 1: Grounding Down (55 min): A series of standing and balancing poses that encourage lower-body groundedness, followed by fluid movements to decongest stagnancy in the back and shoulders. This practice helps maintain a healthy spine.
  • Practice 2: Spiraling the Universal Chi Down and In (31 min): Seated twists and core strengtheners that increase circulation along the spine and abdomen.
  • Shamata Meditation (20 min): A breath-focused meditation to develop a relaxed and stable quality of non-distracted attention that cultivates ease of being.
  • Vipassana Meditation (18 min): A mindfulness practice to disengage from the habits of mental reactivity and develop an alert, inquisitive attitude leading to insight.


  • English subtitles are available via the setup menu for this DVD.
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