Insight Yoga DVD

Insight Yoga DVD

Insight Yoga DVD by Sarah Powers

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“One of the most complete yoga training DVDs you’ll find anywhere.”
— Yoga Journal

Join acclaimed yoga and meditation teacher Sarah Powers for a powerful journey into awareness and insight using asana, vinyasa and meditation. Sarah presents her unique blend of Yin yoga, vinyasa yoga and the meditation traditions of Buddhism to create an energetic yet safe environment for profound inner exploration. In order for our practices to encourage a balanced equilibrium on all levels of our being, we must address both the Yin, or receptive aspects of our nature, as well as the Yang, or active, radiant qualities. These two primordial energies are considered to be inseparable in all forms of existence, with any imbalance in our body/mind organism traceable to either an excess or depletion of these Yin or Yang energies. Each day it is essential that we assess our overall constitution and choose the practices best suited to balance us. Sarah’s interest in understanding the inseparability of the physical, energetic, emotional and mental domains of our being has inspired her to interweave these teachings from Chinese medicine with the rich traditions of Yoga. This union forms the basis of Yin/Yang Yoga, and the foundation of the practices presented on this DVD. Through their application we aim to restore and revitalize the body and mind, while cultivating an inner atmosphere for contemplation and meditation to arise with greater ease.As meditative awareness is both the ground and fruition of our practices, Sarah offers both guided instruction outlining the basic tenets of Insight Meditation as well as silent practice, sharing through each the tools necessary to begin and continue this essential practice of concentration and inquiry.We hope you are inspired and joyously refreshed by this collection of practices, while continuing to embody the potential for full freedom!

Included in this DVD:

  • Over four hours of practice material
  • Two unique 1-hour Yin yoga sequences with commentaries on Buddhadharma and Chinese medicine
  • A 1-hour vigorous Vinyasa sequence
  • A 40-minute Sun Salutation sequence
  • A 10-minute guided Savasana relaxation practice
  • A 30-minute guided meditation practice
  • Programmable sequences for a variety of practice combinations
  • Detailed menus guide you through a wealth of information
  • Suitable for all levels of yoga and meditation practitioners

Insight Yoga DVD Review

A yoga video’s instructional material is typically based on a certain system—Iyengar, Ashtanga vinyasa, or one of our many homegrown varieties—a reliance that is both a strength and a weakness. A system gives the material a coherent framework and a stated goal; it helps us understand what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. On the other hand, any system is inherently limited, and does some things better than others. That’s why there are so many yoga systems.
In this DVD, we have a smart solution to this dilemma from Northern California teacher Sarah Powers, whose work interweaves yoga and Buddhism. Recognizing the limits of any one system, she presents two systems that complement each other. The active practice is called Yang (or vinyasa) Yoga, which is represented here by a pair of relatively energetic “flow” sessions lasting 40 and 55 minutes. The passive practice, in which each pose is held for about 5 minutes, is called Yin Yoga, and it is represented here in a pair of sequences lasting 45 and 55 minutes.
Powers is an excellent vinyasa teacher, but where she really shines is in the two Yin practices. What she offers is a broad education that links the poses to traditional Buddhism, Western anatomy and physiology, and Chinese medicine. Her explanations of how the shapes of the poses activate certain organs and subtle energy channels are especially illuminating. Holding a yoga pose for five minutes can be a challenge, but Powers’s soothing voice and powerful integrative vision turn the stay into a transformative experience.
The package also includes a 10-minute Savasana (Corpse Pose), a 30-minute Buddhist-influenced meditation, a 40-minute sequence of Sun Salutations, and a one-hour vinyasa sequence. Insight Yoga is one of the most complete yoga training DVDs you’ll find anywhere.”

— Richard Rosen, Yoga Journal, April 2005


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