Online Course

Online Course

Insight Yoga: Introduction to Meridians, Mindfulness and Yin Yoga Postures
An Online Course with Sarah

Insight Yoga Online CourseWe are pleased to share the following online course offering. Sarah collaborated with Realize Media and filmed four online classes and recorded four corresponding interactive sessions. The themes of these classes/interactive sessions are outlined below:

Register: USD $275

Note: All of the teaching modules and recorded interactive sessions can be watched on demand at your own pace. You will have lifetime access to all of the video content.


“I felt the vast amount of material presented in both the yoga practice session and the interactive was very, very good. Sarah is a wonderful teacher and has reams of information to impart. I had the good fortune to attend her silent/Yin workshop in Claverack this summer and there were so many questions I wanted to ask her about the postures. So thanks to this, I was able to hear the answers to many of my questions here.”

“Sarah is the most brilliant, kind and compassionate teacher I have ever studied with, and her teachings are deep, relevant and full of so much wisdom.
Truly a wonderful course.”

“It was wonderful to have access to Sarah’s teachings this way whilst unable to be with her in person. The content is so rich. Thank you. More from Sarah please!”

“Very high quality. I am a technophobe and the course was very easy to use and I had no problems with it. Thank you!”

“The course is excellent. I’m doing lots of online training because I’m limited with my time as a single parent.”

Module 1: Encouraging energetic enhancement with Yin poses for the Kidney Qi, mingled with the First Foundation of Mindfulness

In this module we will practice yoga poses that benefit the kidneys and adrenals. The health of the Kidney Qi actually influences all lower back issues, as well as the overall health of the bones, the immune system, the reproductive organs and bladder. In Chinese medicine, any imbalance in the energy system has a corresponding effect on our emotional life. The kidneys are most effected by our fear states so we will learn a simple way of using the breath to meet and mitigate fear in the system. Drawing from the First Foundation of Mindfulness, we will also learn how to inquire and listen to the intelligence within our bodies.

Module 2: Encouraging energetic enhancement with Yin poses for the Liver Qi, mingled with the Second Foundation of Mindfulness

This module will target the liver and gall bladder channels which relate with detoxification and, in Chinese medicine, with the robust overall flow of our energy. Physically, it is the detox center of the body while emotionally these pathways relate with anger and resistance. We will also practice awareness of feelings, the second application of Mindfulness.

Module 3: Encouraging energetic enhancement with Yin poses for the Spleen Qi and pranayama, mingled with the Third Foundation of Mindfulness

In this module we will focus on a yin practice to benefit our digestive meridians and organs which include the stomach, spleen and pancreas, as well as soothing of emotions stored in our system related with anxiety, the main tone that shows up when we are out of balance. This sequence that will include poses that target the front of the thigh and inner groin, as well as twisting, following the pathways of where these meridians flow. We also attend to the third application of mindfulness, called mindfulness of the mind, allowing time to hear our inner mind states and develop a more therapeutic capacity for listening without distraction.

Module 4: Encouraging energetic enhancement with Yin poses for the Lung and Heart Qi with pranayama, mingled with the Fourth Foundation of Mindfulness

This module will focus on an integrated practice to benefit our respiratory and circulatory meridians/organs of the lungs and heart, as well as raise our overall vitality. This is an energetic cultivation sequence that will include alternating the breath rhythms, holding your breath, and visualizing movement and colors in certain areas. We also attend to the fourth application of mindfulness, often called mindfulness of objects of mind, and take space as an anchor of support as well.

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Insight Yoga Online CourseFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: What does “on demand” mean?
A: Once purchased, each module and recorded interactive session can be viewed any time.

Q: How long will I have access to the course and interactive session videos?
A: Once purchased, you will have lifetime on demand access to view the course as many times as you wish.

Q: Are the modules and recorded interactive sessions able to be downloaded?
A: No, they are not able to be downloaded for offline use. Once you purchase, you will be given instructions via email on how to access the Course Page on the Realize Media website. All videos will be accessible on the Course Page.

Q: What are the requirements to stream the modules and the recorded interactive sessions?
A: The videos are compatible with all browsers and mobile devices. If you require further assistance, please email

Q: Is the price shown for the entire course (inclusive of all four modules and all four recorded interactive sessions)?
A: Yes.

Q: How long are each of the modules and recorded interactive sessions?
A: Each of the four modules varies in length between 60-90 minutes, for a total of approximately five hours. Each of the four recorded interactive sessions are one hour long, for a total of four hours.

Q: Will I receive Continuing Education Credits from Yoga Alliance for this course?
A: It would be best to confirm with Yoga Alliance, however, you might consider reviewing the “Continuing Education Non-Contact Hours” section on their website.

Q: Will I receive any course materials?
A: No. The course is designed to be more experiential in nature. Sarah’s book, Insight Yoga, would be good to have as a reference.

Q: Are the sequences Sarah will teach in the online classes any different from what is in her book?
A: The sequences are a bit different from what is offered in Sarah’s book.

Q: How much in depth explaining about the meridians will Sarah offer in these classes?
A: Sarah mentions meridians in relation to poses and how that would be of benefit. If you would like to learn in depth about meridians and yoga, it would be best to consider registering for Sarah’s Level I teacher training. This training is offered in London in July 2018 and Seattle in September 2018.

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For any additional technology or registration questions, please contact Realize Media here.
For additional coursework questions, please contact Tripti Mahendra (

Whether you are new to Yin Yoga and Mindfulness Practices or a long time practitioner, we hope that these classes will be of benefit to you.