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OM meets… Sarah Powers
OM Yoga and Lifestyle Magazine
September 2015

Insight Yoga Reveals the Powers of Silence
Shakti Yogi Journal Magazine
Interview by Shareshten Senior
Winter 2015

What Is Psychosynthesis?
by Sarah Powers
February 2014

Conversations With Modern Yogis
Interview by Zubin Shroff
January 2014

A Buddhist perspective on Right Livelihood: Our daily activities as spiritual path
by Sarah Powers
December 2013

Living Mindfully
Asia Spa Magazine
by Mabs Potter
January 2012

Sarah Powers on Insight Yoga and a Complete Path
The Sacred Cow Blog on
Interview by Karen Macklin
March 2011

Mind and Body at Ease
Freeing the Body, Freeing the Mind
Chapter 7 by Sarah Powers
by Michael Stone
Spring 2010

The Delight of Insight
Yoga Journal
Interview by Andrea Ferretti
October 2009

Yoga with Insight
Shambhala Sun
The meaningful life of Sarah Powers
July 2009

Teacher Spotlight: Sarah Powers
Yoga Journal
San Francisco Conference
January 16-19, 2009

Sweet Surrender
Yoga Journal
by Andrea Ferretti
June 2007

Yin Yoga Interview with Sarah Powers
Interview from Kripalu
by Susan Moul
May 2007

Yogini: The Power of Women in Yoga
by Janice Gates

Instructing from the Ground Up
Yoga Journal Newsletter
by Sarah Powers
September 2005

Body and Breath
Tricycle: The Buddhist Review
Interview by Karen Macklin
August 2005

Meditation Interview
Interviewed by Timothy McCall, MD
March 2005

Tsunami Talk
Napa, CA
January 2005

Yoga and Meditation Questions
Interview by Michelle Finn

Elephant talks with Sarah Powers at Shambhala Mountain Center
by Waylon H. Lewis with Dave Platter, Rose Taylor & Meg Ellsworth
Winter 2004

Teacher Profile | Sarah Powers
by Lisa Maria
photography by Michael Sexton
July/Aug 2004

On The Cover: Margaret Hee
Yoga Journal
by Nora Isaacs
August 2003

Ask Our Expert
Yoga Journal Online
by Sarah Powers
August 2003

Spiritual Support Group
Yoga Journal
Interview by Fernando Pages Ruiz
May 2003

Buddha and Yoga: Where the Paths Cross
Panel discussion with Sarah Powers, Phillip Moffitt, Anna Douglas & Stephen Cope
July 2002

Living Yoga
Yoga Journal
by Sarah Powers
May 2002

Yoga & Meditation
B-International, Hong Kong
Interview by Eleanor Cheung
January 2002

Teacher to Teacher
Yoga Journal
Interview by Fernando Pages Ruiz
November 2001

Yin/Yang Yoga – Sarah Powers Finds Power in Stillness
September/October 2001

Purifying Your Love
Hoffman Institute, The Light News
Interview by Raz Ingrasci
May 2001

Yogasala Mag

Shambala Sun

Yoga Journal Cover