Program Requirements

Program Requirements

The coursework/mentorship requirements for IYI Certification are as follows. These requirements were updated as of February 2018.
Please note: For those already accepted into IYI, your previous coursework will be honored. If you feel these changes will affect your completion, please be in touch with Tripti Mahendra: to discuss.

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Please note: As an Insight Yoga Institute student pursuing certification you are required to complete a minimum of 500 hours of study with all of the trainings/retreats and the mentoring requirements as outlined on the IYI Program Requirements Page. Previously, the Level I Teacher Training Intensive (60-100 hours) and the Yin Yoga/Anatomy Teacher Training (25-100 hours) offered a range of accepted hours as noted here. This may affect your total hours accumulated. If you have less than 500 hours and you need supplemental hours to fill in the gap you may take the Primary and/or Secondary Level Trainings more than once or complete additional Silent Retreat(s) with Sarah and Ty to account for the additional hours needed. Most, if not all, of the IYI Endorsed Teachers have benefited by repeating Sarah’s Primary Level and retreating with us beyond what is shown in IYI Program Requirements.


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Buddha StatueThis course is not required for the IYI Certification program, but can be included towards IYI hours if you are accepted into the program.

  • Insight Yoga Teacher Training Intensive: Deepening Level with Sarah Powers (Six 4-day weekend intensives / 100 hours)
    • For those who have completed the Primary and Secondary levels with Sarah Powers only
    • For a small group of Yin Yoga teachers interested in developing personal transformation through inner methods including inquiry practices, intimate sharing in dyads, and giving 10 minute dharma talks on Buddhist themes in each class.
    • Additional recommendations to be considered for this training:
      • Teaching Yin Yoga for at least 6 months, have an understanding of Yin Yoga anatomy with Paul Grilley (or other teachers listed above), personal therapy, and Silent Retreat experience
      • An application for this coursework is required and separate from the Insight Yoga Institute application.
    • For questions about future offerings, please email Tripti:


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sculptureIn addition to the course curriculum, to graduate from IYI, each participant will have suggested readings, writings and be assigned a mentor that they will be in contact with to track their development. Throughout the years, participants will be responsible for staying in contact with their mentors through email and phone/Skype sessions. While there is no time limit that the coursework needs to be completed, we require that participants on the certification path commit to an ongoing relationship with their mentor. The mentorship program is a vital and dynamic element of the Insight Yoga Institute; allowing participants to continue to stay connected between the times of formal coursework. Each of the mentors have all been certified and endorsed by Sarah and Ty Powers to teach Insight Yoga.

Some graduates of the full program may be invited to become mentors to incoming students. In order to be endorsed to teach Insight Yoga, upon completion of all requirements listed above, we will ask that you send an hour-long video of a workshop style introduction to Yin/Yang Yoga and Mindfulness, including very specific Insight Yoga elements for review. Each mentor will provide the requirements for the video when the student is close to completion of the coursework.

Yoga Alliance Certification
NOTE: We do not explicitly focus on teaching you how to teach yoga in this program, rather how to integrate yoga with Buddhism and spiritual psychology.

This program offers 500 hours of Yoga Alliance Certification only. We do not offer a 300-hour program.

We do recommend that yoga teachers complete a 200-hour program before attending ours, as this program is considered advanced studies for yoga teachers. There are a number of good programs available. We recommend the Yogaworks and endorsed IYI teacher Theresa Murphy 200-hour programs.

You can begin the program at any time, with any of our courses. You can join the Institute by completing an application. We will contact you regarding acceptance.