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Project Young Women Awake began as an online research assignment created by Imani Jade Powers while she attended Sarah Lawrence College in New York.

Our vision – to enrich young women between the ages of 16 and 24 in Self leadership through personal empowerment, self care, and Mindfulness/Awareness meditation methods. By offering yogic body/mind contemplative teachings and practices, we aim to inspire personal practice and career choices (such as becoming a yoga and meditation teacher), options different from those most women have been limited to in traditional societies. We hope to give young women the power to make a profound difference in how they live internally, and in the world.

In February of 2015, this idea was birthed into being when Sarah Powers and Tripti Mahendra traveled to Underberg, South Africa to teach our first five-day residential retreat to fifteen young women at Dharmagiri with a curriculum rooted in the themes above.

Please watch this video of our experience in South Africa when teaching a five-day residential retreat for fifteen young women in February 2015.


Sarah and Tripti Teaching the Girls

As we continue to grow the Outreach Program as an extension of our Insight Yoga Institute, we will look to other parts of the globe to create a vibrant community of young women awakening to their unrealized potential. We look forward to sharing more about future locations.

For any questions, please contact Tripti Mahendra – Outreach Director, Insight Yoga Institute


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