Program Overview

Program Overview

The Insight Yoga Institute offers five, eight and ten day retreats that assist practitioners in integrating Yoga, Buddhism and spiritual psychology into a skillful practice to balance the body, heart and mind. The program can be enjoyed by anyone interested in going on a practice retreat, or for those who would like to pursue an advanced course of study to work toward IYI Certification, IYI Endorsement and/or Yoga Alliance 500-hour Teacher Training.

IYI retreats bring together the dynamic and receptive aspects of yoga, the three schools of Buddhism (Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana) and the skillful methods of psycho-dynamic personal and relational work and are held in social silence. The teachers on retreat are not silent but will be leading classes and seeing people individually. We feel that integrating essential teachings and practices from the wisdom traditions amplifies our insights and generates the potential for them to dawn as wisdom, helping us to become of more benefit to ourselves and others.

The Insight Yoga training program has drawn together these complimentary streams to offer a heart-centered, well-rounded program that will allow each participant to cultivate and enjoy a daily home practice for the body, heart and mind through yogic, Buddhist and psychological teachings and practices. It is also a 500+ hour Yoga Alliance-endorsed training that will allow yoga teachers to weave these themes into their individual teaching styles.

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This coursework is open to all. It is not required that you be on the path of certification to attend these teachings.

If, and only if,  you are interested in our Insight Yoga Institute/Yoga Alliance certification program:

Program Description:

Insight Yoga involves four main aspects of development that are each interdependent. The body (physical and subtle), the heart, the mind, and relationships:

For the body we engage in regular active and receptive (or Yin/Yang) asana practices that are designed to develop and maintain pliancy in the muscles as well as the joints, to increase strength and vitality in all the systems of the body, and to cultivate a sensitivity to and refinement of the energy body- the gateway to an ease of being. Yin yoga is a meditative physical practice that stimulates the balancing of the energetic pathways (meridians) through holding floor poses while Yang yoga involves a slow alignment-based movement practice.

For the heart, we engage in awareness practices that hold and help heal the wounded heart. We practice opening to, and at times dialoguing with, emotional patterns of reactivity, often uncovering hidden insights and gifts that can blossom into genuine self-love and compassion, causing the release of our self-constructs and the compensatory strategies of armoring (protecting, shutting down) that naturally follow. This has a direct and lasting impact on our relationship to ourselves and others.

Mind Training involves practices of visualization, contemplation, concentration, mindfulness, and open awareness drawing from Yogic, Taoist, and Buddhist teachings. Learning to maintain a connection to our body, heart and mind when in relationships is probably the most challenging aspect of all.

Relational awareness practices foster kindness, deep listening, meaningful exchanges, and learning to appropriately trust and reveal vulnerabilities with others. Practices include generating loving-kindness and compassion, as well as engaging in contemplative dialogues with others on specific subjects.