Certification Overview

Certification Overview

IYI can be experienced as a 500-hour Yoga Alliance endorsed training that will allow many yoga teachers to bridge the practices of yin/yang yoga with mindfulness and heart centered psychological inquiry.


If, and only if,  you are interested in Yoga Alliance certification you will be required to take at least four silent five-day retreats with Sarah and Ty Powers, a Yin Yoga/Anatomy training with Paul and Suzee Grilley (or approved teacher), an asana basics intensive emphasizing the architecture of poses with Maty Ezraty or a Yogaworks Intensive, a psycho-spiritual retreat, and a Buddhist Vipassana retreat with Thanissara and Kittisaro, or teachers from Spirit Rock, IMS, or Gaia House. See program requirements for specifics.

In addition to the course curriculum, each participant will have suggested readings, writings, and be assigned a mentor that they will be in contact with to track their development. Throughout the years, participants will be responsible for staying in contact with their mentor through email and phone sessions. Please click here for more details about the mentorship program. Graduates of the full program may be invited to become mentors to the incoming students.

You can begin the program at any time, with any of our courses. You can join the Institute by filling out an application. We will contact you regarding acceptance.

In order to be endorsed to teach Insight Yoga, we will ask that you send an hour-long video of one of your classes including very specific Insight Yoga elements for review.

Yoga Alliance Certification:

NOTE: We do not explicitly focus on teaching you how to teach yoga in this program, rather how to integrate yoga with Buddhism and spiritual psychology.

This program offers 500 hours of Yoga Alliance Certification only. We do not offer a 300-hour program. We do, however, recommend that yoga teachers complete a 200-hour program before attending ours, as this program is advanced studies for yoga teachers. There are a number of good programs available. We recommend the Yogaworks 200-hour program.