What People Say

What People Say

I would like to send a heartfelt thank you to both Sarah and Ty for the amazing week in Wales for the silent retreat. The atmosphere created was truly magical – deeply reflective, personal and just the right mix of meditation, yoga and inquiry. I didn’t want it to end and I feel it has infused my practice with renewed strength and maitri. Thank you.
— Andrea K.

As a student of Sarah and Ty’s since 2010, I have had the good fortune to attend several trainings and retreats through IYI. Each one significant and transformative; driving my personal and spiritual exploration and growth as a teacher and practitioner. The supportive container created by fellow retreaters and Sarah and Ty facilitates authentic, deep work. I always leave with more courage and trust in my heart. I am forever grateful.
— Elissa B.

I took many trainings from Sarah beginning in 2006. Sarah’s teaching changed the trajectory of my teaching and has contributed to a paradigm shift in how I inhabit my body home.
— Alicia B.

Sarah is incredibly knowledgeable and skillful. I have a lot of respect for her as a teacher because it is clear that she embodies what she is teaching. I think that any yoga teacher would benefit from this weekend. What you learn isn’t just about becoming a better yoga teacher it’s about becoming a better person.
— Ryan G.

Having silent retreated for the last 6 years with Sarah & Ty, I have really enjoyed how each retreat has flowed into the next one. Even though being a year apart, following their guidance and teachings in self-practice, things connect and start to make sense bringing about a sense of an ability to teach in a clearer way and also feel life in a more open-minded, open-hearted way. So thank you. Also really enjoy the ability of the teachings being serious but shared in a light-hearted way.
— Amanda W.

Amazing, insightful and opening. I look forward to studying with Sarah and Ty again in the future. The teachings I absorbed will give me so much depth and insight into my own practice…. Thank you.
— Sharon P.

Votive candles

Very special to be on this retreat. Valuable days for coming home to myself. Bumped up against a sticky aspect of myself (deeply rooted samskara!) during my meeting with Ty. Prompted to look deeper into this with psychotherapeutic support. Feeling connected to daily mediation practise, supported by the many tools and prompts for self enquiry you offered. Many thanks to you (your utterly beautiful words!) and the sangha for juicing up the practice of self enquiry further.
— Tiffy T. G.

This teacher training was challenging but gave a new boost and more depth to my personal practice. I used to practice Raja Yoga meditation, but I found the Mindfulness meditation teachings offered more accessible. Sarah & Ty Powers are both inspiring and motivational teachers. They have a lot of knowledge and wisdom and they teach with great compassion. I hope to be able to empower my students the same way they did for me.
— Nathalie B.

I thoroughly enjoyed this silent retreat and have a much deeper understanding of the Four Foundations of Mindfulness. The silence provided the perfect opportunity for reflection and inward growth while the teachings helped me continue to understand and cultivate these skills. Sarah and Ty’s teaching craft is deliberate leading us deeper into ourselves and the dharma. I felt deeply nurtured and nourished.

— Becca H.

I really enjoyed the silent retreat at Byron Bay. I arrived a bit flustered as there were so many things to deal with at work. However, it turned out to be a perfect time for me to be silent and observe my body, feelings and the mind. I felt blessed to be able to study with Sarah and Ty, slowing down and enjoying the time of being mindful. It was refreshing and the teachings, inspiring.
— Fiona L.

Maintaining silence is a key element to finding your inner magic. Being true to myself through out the retreat week was vitally important to deepening my practice of mediation and gaining greater understanding of self. The formula Sarah and Ty use in their teachings is immeasurably powerful. Their compassion and dedication is boundless, and I can’t thank them both enough for sharing their knowledge and wisdom with us all.
— Juliet C.

For my first silent retreat, I found the experience just as I’d hoped. I loved the aspect of just you and no one else’s stories. No phone, no internet – the silence was so beautiful, awareness deeply touching and healing. Deepening my practice and aligning my path – to include more meditation and inquiry.
— Terri M.


These trainings have been so well considered and delivered. Sarah and Ty present really deep teachings in a logical and accessible way. In gratitude, I receive their abundant knowledge and teachings, returning home enriched and inspired. I am also blessed to meet likeminded souls that I continue to keep contact. The training inspired the drawings below.
— Kathy S.

Day 1 - Awakening

Day 1 – Awakening

Day 2 - Ascending

Day 2 – Ascending

Day 3 - Settling

Day 3 – Settling

Day 4 - Where the Owls go

Day 4 – Where the Owls go

Day 5 - The Road Less Traveled

Day 5 – The Road Less Traveled

Day 6 - The Joy of Swimming Upstream

Day 6 – The Joy of Swimming Upstream

Day 7 - Clarity

Day 7 – Clarity

Day 8 - Just Let Go

Day 8 – Just Let Go

Wow – what an incredible teacher training experience, I have been practising yoga for over 20 years now and teaching for around 10. This training was incredibly inspirational – Sarah’s level of knowledge and experience is exceptional and her down to earth approach and wonderful delivery of concepts & information makes training so enjoyable – I couldn’t absorb enough!
— Vanessa M.

The course was so unique. The cross cultural offerings across many traditions and philosophies as well neuroscience was incredibly inspiring and open. The process in which Sarah teaches the content is so logical and understandable.
— Blanche A.

Thank you Sarah and Ty for creating and holding space that felt spacious, calm and potent. Being silent was exquisite and delicious – I kept pinching myself with delight – and the journey into the 4 pillars of mindfulness was gentle and supportive – so important for a beginner meditator like me. Each day filled me with deep gratitude for what I do, where I was and what I was experiencing.
— Beth B.

I am so grateful to Sarah for sharing her incredible wisdom and passion of yin and yang yoga and for weaving the jewels of mindfulness meditation throughout each day. Every day was a delicious blend of learning, feeling, breathing and moving. Priceless!
— Beth B.

Lovely setting for a spiritual yoga retreat. Wonderful teachers who impart ancient knowledge.
— Debra C.

I am honored to have experienced your shared wisdom. I especially appreciated the gentle exposure you gave us to, IFS (Internal Family Systems) therapy and Self-Leadership, as woven into an asana, meditation and contemplative practice. As a therapist and specialist in body image work, I felt aligned with your words, your teachings.
— Sandee N.

This was my first introduction to Sarah Powers. The wealth of information offered and her ability to communicate and impart knowledge with such generosity, kindness and patience was invaluable.
— Jacqui H.